dreamt that i lost my green doc marten’s in a flood. i went back for them.

how have i never listened to ‘all my friends’ in the rain before today?

the guy drinking a 16oz red bull whom i passed near the grocery twenty minutes ago just walked by with a new 16oz red bull.

just pulled out my green doc marten’s to ensure i did not actually lose them in a flood.

i asked for a square slice at my counter place and he said ‘you mean sicilian?’. is there anything else square behind this glass, my dude?

i sat at the window to eat my slices like i always do. a bus stopped across the street and a bald man eating his own slice locked eyes with me and solemnly nodded. i don’t think my pizza meant to me what his pizza meant to him.

wearing my green doc marten’s into the city to avoid losing them in the flood that is surely going to strike my apartment while i’m gone.

i don’t know why i texted her that i was getting on stage last night. it looked sloppy this morning.

agreed to find another location for the film. still haven’t settled the first.

also agreed to complete the logistics master for the first location i still haven’t settled.

oh, and I’ve never completed a logistics master before.

actually, she was lovely about it. 

too much cumin in this hummus.