aug 4

blond was playing.

it was 4:13am and john said she wanted to know 'what i was up to after this'. i ducked around the corner and went home to watch seinfeld.

invest in a pair of quality headphones because that's what these nights require.


aug 5

what do you know that you don't think i know you know?

beyoncé, nail art | cold side of the pillow

interpol, leif erikson, verse 2, line 4


aug 6

someone finally moved the bottle of grey goose from the roof at court square. or was that somewhere else?

i’ve always wanted a shirt with pearl-button snaps. 

rave music doesn't seem appropriate for a sunday flea market in LIC.

rave music doesn't seem appropriate anywhere.

day two of a tater-tot based meal for breakfast.

'eleanor put your boots back on' is playing at corner bistro.

'rest my chemistry' is playing at corner bistro.

can we stop with the rosé everything

a sail line on this boat is tapping in the wind at exactly 240 beats per minute.

take your time hurry up