i got high and went for a counter slice yesterday.
a truck drove by and i saw 'Dodge' printed on the running board and i thought of that girl
i said 'what the fuck' out loud on accident.
the place was empty, but the pizza man looked at me funny.

i got high and went for sodas today.
the deli owner's son is running the register.
he is quiet and avoids looking me in the eye.
when he does look, he looks away immediately. i wonder what he sees.
he doesn't know the prices of anything yet, so he lifts up every item to check the tag.

i was supposed to go on a location scout in red hook today, and gowanus.
i haven't binge watched a show this quickly since breaking bad.
june, you have to murder everyone.

lights on
music on
shadows under the door
try to speed it up
slow it down
all at once
i don't know which one i really want
so i stay watching from the shelf